Hi Buddies,

Lacoste just launched a new fragrance, LACOSTE L!VE, and invited me and all my readers/followers to engage in their new worldwide campaign!

You must know in advance that creativity is key to participate in this program. So open up your minds and let’s join Lacoste’s #NewPerspective. All you have to do is follow the rules:

1) You must give a new perspective to a city, a person or an object and, then, take a picture of it. Creativity is your limit!

2) Post the picture on Instagram mentioning @lacostelive and the hashtag #NewPerspective. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #Brasil as well.

Did you like it? Then start shooting… The campaign started on July 14th and ends on August 20th. And there’s more, you can win a trip to Barcelona as well as global recognition through the brand’s events and communications.

P.S.: The fragrance doesn’t need to be in the picture. The winner will be announced on September 8th at Lacoste L!ve website – where you can also find further information about the campaign. Click here to read the terms and conditions of this promotion.

Good luck!

Blog do Kadu - Lacoste L!ve #NewPerspective 1

Blog do Kadu - Lacoste L!ve #NewPerspective 2 Blog do Kadu - Lacoste L!ve #NewPerspective 3


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