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Checked blazers are not very popular in Brazilian men’s fashion. Before the blog, I had my own issues with it, but then, little by little, it grew on me.

I guess we don’t like anything that might cause a reaction when out on the streets. I used to think that checked blazers looked weird. Men that wore this type of clothe reminded me of a soap opera character called Mário Fofoca, at Elas por Elas – he only wore checked blazers.

As time went by and I grew up, I realized that my analogy was pointless. The checked blazer can be very charming, especially if worn the right way. It goes well with trousers, smart shorts, jeans, vests…

Matching it with trousers is the easiest way to go. The color of the pants should go with the colors in the blazer. For an example, if the stripes on the blazer are grey, you should match it with navy blue or black trousers. Solid colors usually go well with this type of blazer. Also, wearing it with a shirt, a vest or a tie, makes it more casual and smart – and not as dressy as a suit.

Like for most fashion combinations, matching a checked blazer with denim creates a casual and easygoing look. An usual denim look gets a bit more classy if you wear it with a dressy item such as a checked blazer, rather than wearing it with a cardigan or a shirt.

When I wear an item like that I try to choose a neutral shirt, although I have worn it with checked and striped shirts as well (as you can see below). Wearing it with other upper pieces, such a tie or a vest, makes the look a lot more interesting.

That’s all, guys.

Have a nice week!

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Sunglasses: Ótica Ventura

Blazer: Gant

Shirt: Gant

Vest: Zara

Pocket Scarf: Lanvin

Trousers: H&M

Shoes: Gucci

Watch: Montblanc

Suitcase: Montblanc

Riviera Ring: Priya

Black diamonds bracelet: Pianegonda

Kadu’s bracelet: Patrimony

Photos: Hashtag Italy

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