Hi Buddies,

Print trousers are very controversial in men’s fashion!

I know that many of you like and are already used to wearing camouflage pants. But what about the floral prints?

They have been seen on fashion shows and catwalks many times now. At the beginning, I found them very weird looking and kept asking myself: will they ever be a real trend?

Turns out it is a trend in many places already. Every brand has one in their collection, from Zara to Valentino. Since I couldn’t find one in Brazil, I asked my friend Marcelu Ferraz to custom-make one for me. I not only loved the print, but the cut and the fabric chosen, linen – I am a big big fan of linen. It was really tailor-made for me! LOL

Wearing a floral trouser is not easy, especially for men. That is why, for those who are not used to wearing an extravagant piece like this, my advice is to match it with neutral shirt and shoes. A floral trouser draws a lot of attention, it’s true. That is why you must be discrete when matching it with shirts, blazers and shoes. The colors on the print must coordinate with the other pieces, like I did in this look, ok?

That’s it!

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Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Blazer: Gant

Shirt: Uniqlo

Boutonnière: H&M

Pocket Scarf: Antico Setificio Fiorentino

Trousers: Marcelu Ferraz

Shoes: Gucci

Watch: IWC Watches

Bag: Louis Vuitton

Riviera Bracelet: Priya

Greek Eye: LeMi

Leather Bracelet: Antonio Bernardo

Fotos: Hermano Silva

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