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Hi Buddies,

There is no such thing as men who don’t take care of the skin. Those days are over! Having an oily skin is worse than wearing a bad outfit… Thank God – and cosmetic technology – there are incredibly good products made specifically for us on the market nowadays. Yey!

I am sure that you all know Clinique, but what you might not know is that the brand has a great line of men’s products. It’s called Clinique For Men.

I first met these products about 5 years ago, during an international trip. Before that, I had no idea that the brand had developed products for men. At the time I got their Face Scrub, something I still use and still find really great.

Now let’s talk about what really matters: #BKreviewsCliniqueForMen

They just sent me three new products: the oil control mattifying moisturizer, the oil oil control exfoliating lotion and the oil control face wash. I do have an oily skin, so I got lucky here… I started trying out the face wash. On my dump face, I applied a little amount of the product and spread it over. After rinsing it, I felt my skin clean and less oily.

Next, it was lotion time. With a cotton ball, I applied a small amount of product on my face. This lotion has an immediate refreshing feel, and what is great about this product is that it removes excess oil and unclog pores – sometimes the soap can’t do it all by itself. Even though I had washed my face with the face wash before, I realized that there were still some dark sports on the cotton after applying the lotion.

At last comes the oil control mattifying moisturizer. I just put a little bit of product on my hands and applied it to the face. This product has a nice minty smell, different from all moisturizers I have used before. It really made my skin look matte and shine-free, and that’s how it stayed the whole day. The treatment was a true relief for my oily skin.

You all know I only talk about stuff I like and use, and as for Clinique’s Men’s products, they are all approved. I have been a fan of the brand since long before the blog, when I used to work as a PR.

I am sure this new line will be travelling with me around the globe – along with the Face Scrub I love and, I’m telling you, you should all try it. After all, at the end of the day the skin must look great in the picture, right?

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you another great thing. Clinique offers a really nice service of skin analyses. It is an easy way to get to know more about your skin type and which product is best for you. It can be done at any Clinique store or even online. I think it’s always best to get it done at a store. You can book an appointment any time you want, it’s all free – #BKLOVESIT! LOL

Hello, Clinique! Send me those travel kits as well… Please, please!! LOL


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