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Hi, Buddies,

I miss the hot sunny days in Miami…

This is a very special Today’s Outfit, guys. It was shot at Jade Signature, another high-end venue taking place in Sunny Isles. The concept of this project is very special. Its architecture, all in glass, will allow the future owners to watch one of the most spectacular nature shows: the sunset.

From one side of the apartment, you’ve got the view of the Atlantic Ocean, and on the other side, you can see Miami’s city lights. Elegance and minimal inspiring details is what defines best the apartments and common areas of Jade Signature.

As for rest and entertainment, the beach is right in front of the building, but there are also tennis courts, a golf course and bike trails among the amenities.

Jade Signature is located at 16901 Collins Avenue, Sunny Isles, Florida, and it’s an enterprise of Furtune International. Don’t forget that Chris Brooks Realty is behind this incredible venue. For further information, get in touch with her team by e-mail: [email protected]



Glasses: Ótica Ventura

Shirt: Ricardo Almeida

Trousers: Kenzo

Sandals: Zara

Watch: IWC Watches

Pouch: Balenciaga

Diamond bracelet: Priya

Greek eye: Vika

Black diamonds bracelet: Pianegonda

Cross bracelet: Pianegonda

Kadu’s bracelet: Patrimony

Fotos: Angelica Konrad Photography

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Blog do Kadu - Selo Miami

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