Blog do Kadu - Caio Gobbi 1

Hi Buddies,

Today I’m gonna share some really great news with you, from a dear and long-term friend, Caio Giobbi! Caio worked as a fashion designer for a long time and, recently, has been acting as a stylist. But luckily for us, he is now back into designing clothes. Yey!

He chose the e-commerce Universo Onassis to launch his new pop-up collection, which was inspired by some of the most famous 80’s cartoons. Now Vamp and Jem are printed in sweaters, t-shirts and accessories.

The coolest thing about it is that the e-commerce will also launch other of his collections throughout the year, with the same idea: timeless and sporadic prints. What do you say? Did you like the news? Then go to the website and choose your pieces before it’s too late. Don’t forget it’s a limited edition!

Caio, I want the one with the Jems print! LOL


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