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Men are definitely back to wearing sandals – especially those who like men’s style. That’s why I’ll give you some tips about how to wear it. Since it is a very cool accessory, it is nice to wear it with dressier looks, like trousers, shirts and blazers.

You can also wear it with shorter pants, so the sandals look more evident. They come in a lot of different colors, styles and materials. So there isn’t an excuse not to wear them. It’s an easy trend, very manly and really stylish. As I mentioned on a previous post, 95% of the brands have featured sandals on their collections during this season’s fashion weeks.

If you’re not familiar with the trend yet, start with regular flip flops, such as Havainas, but in a different shape or material. Leather is a good way to go, like I did on TOF #464. You will then get the trend easily.

That’s it!

Blog do Kadu – Florença – TOF 465 5

Shades: Valentino

Shirt: Givenchy

Treasures: Topman

Belt: Gant

Sandals: Camper

Watch: Montblanc

iPad Case: Montblanc

Riviera: Priya

Cross Bracelet: Pianegonda

Black Diamond bracelet: Pianegonda

Kadu’s bracelet: acervo

Fotos: Hashtag Italy

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