Hi, Buddies!

Today I am going to tell you everything about my trip to Montblanc’s writing instruments atelier.

L’Atelier de L’Artisan, in Hamburg, Germany, is where all the brand’s special editions are made. What an amazing place. They started not so long ago, in 1997, when they used to be in a 100m2 house with about five crafters. Now, they work at a 1 000m2 building with more than 60 employees.

The atelier works on the manufacturing of Montblanc’s most special writing instruments. They get the design by the company and start to work on the pieces literally from sketch. It takes about four years to get a new collection completely done. For each one of them, Montblanc makes no more than 100 items, so they are really very very exclusive. Every limited edition collection is made in honor of a character. Frida Khalo and Charles Chaplin are among the stars honored by the brand.

The special edition pieces are always incremented by precious stones such as diamonds, granites, crystal, sapphires… There are no materials these artisans can’t work with, even wood has been used in some of these pens. They are all shaped to create a really unique design. Most of the brand’s special editions are sold out even before they are launched – collectors are the main buyers. And just so you have an idea, Charles Chaplin’s collection, from 2000, was worth 21.800 euros a piece.

Design is a great part of Montblanc’s writing instruments, but of course all of them must write properly as well, and that is why the brand has a whole different department focused only on the making of their nips. All of the brand’s nips are made of gold. It can either be 14k or 18k, any color you want, but it must be gold. All the nips are made in very modern machines, but the whole production is supervised by human eyes. Not a single nip goes into the store with a scratch in it.

That is why these pieces are so expensive and so luxurious. You can’t even touch them without gloves in the factory. If the nip gets a scratch, the gold is recycled to make a new one. The whole process of making the nips takes about four weeks. Can you believe it? It’s almost a month!

Isn’t it obvious now why Montblanc amazes me? They combine quality, design and incredible high-end materials. Who doesn’t want a Montblanc piece to call yours?

See you later guys!

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  1. Brian

    Pens have “nibs,” not “nips.”