Hi Buddies,

As you all know, BK turned two on July 18th… Two years that feels like ten! I’ve shared here so many posts, so many trips, fashion weeks, some more trips… And what about outfits? It’s been almost 500 of them! Not to count the posts with tips and fashion news…

Well, friends, I must tell you it is not easy to maintain this blog. This is where I invest my time, money and sacrifice my personal and social life for – even my best friends, because I focus so much on the blog that sometimes I barely have time for them.

But you know what? I have never been so happy and fulfilled both personally and professionally in my entire life. BK provides me with such incredible experiences, like the chance to get to know people and places I never thought I could. Besides, I am working with what I truly love: fashion and communications.

So I ran out of reasons not to celebrate this moment. That is why I organized a very special dinner for those who have always supported BK: my sponsors and partners. They are a vital part of this blog’s success, so it wouldn’t be fair not to celebrate with them.

I am talking about companies like F*Hits, L’Hotel Porto Bay, Raphael Steffens, Sony, Riachuelo, Turkish Airlines, Walmart, Montblanc, Qatar Airways, Prada, Gucci, Granado, and so many others.

Not only that, I have thousands of other special partners: you guys, my loyal readers and followers. I compromise with your audience every day by doing a better and prettier blog, always full of great news and trends.

So I have only one thing to say for you all: THANK YOU! Without you this dream wouldn’t be possible at all.

Big hug!

Blog do Kadu - TOF 466 8


Shades: Ótica Ventura

Sweater: James Long

Treasures: Givenchy

Boots: Zara

Watch: Casio

Bag: Givenchy

Riviera bracelet: Priya

Cross bracelet: Pianegonda

Skull bracelet: patrimony

green leather bracelet: patrimony

Kadu’s bracelet: patrimony

Fotos: Arthur Vahia 

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