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Hi, Buddies!

The Brickell City Centre is another venue that combines business, fashion, art and comfort, all in a single place. The idea is to transform this place into Miami’s “Champs-Èlysée”, once it’s located next to Miami’s International Airport, theaters, museums, stadiums and the port. BCC is planned to be a miniature city inside of one the best places ever in the USA: Miami.

The venue is also eco-friendly. It uses the breeze coming from the sea to control the temperature and airflow inside of the building and other sustainable ideas such as rain water recycling, natural lighting in some rooms, and a lot more.

BCC’s concept is cosmopolitan, connecting restaurants, bars, entertainment, office and hotels to the comfort of home. It’s supposed to be an urban place with a unique living experience of coziness and fun.

Chris Brooks Realty is behind all that once again. Get in touch with her team for further information about this project. Their e-mail address is [email protected].


Blog do Kadu - Selo Miami

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