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As you all know, I was in Miami recently for an F*Hits trip during the city’s fashion week. While in the US, I got to know, the main e-commerce website in the country, where you can find anything you want just a “dot” away.

Keep that in mind as I tell you that the website is trying to innovate the e-commerce in Brazil with a special project in partnership with the F*Hits bloggers. It is now full of trends, improvements and incredible ideas!

The website has literally everything you want. I was just buying something as a test and got really surprised to see that they have so many options, in so many different areas. My favorites are electronics, house equipment, accessories for pets and clothes and accessories, of course!

It is also very easy to browse, very organized and fast! Do you want to know what I got? Something that will be very useful for my new plans: a digital recording camera. I will soon be taping videos for BK (finally)!

While I was navigating on, I got the chance to find some really good deals for you guys – my great new Fuji camera is just one of them, click HERE to buy. All these products have a special discount for BK readers. Yey!

Check out my selection on the links below.


Blog do Kadu - Walmart

1• Polaroid
2• Casinha para cachorro
3• Playstation 4
4• Vitrola
5• TV
6• Relógio Casio
7• Vinho
8• Fritadeira
9• Corda
10• Notebook

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