Hi, Buddies!

Today’s outfit is easy, perfect for vacation!

That’s right, after two non-stop years working on the blog, it’s time for vacation without. It’s going to be a short trip, only five days with Raphael and my family in New York, but I’m going to try to “unplug” (I’m sure I won’t be very successful, but at least I’m going to make an effort).

My Instagram is obviously going to be updated – I’m sure I’m going to make a lot of posts from NYC –, but I’m also going to leave some TOF’s programmed from Monday to Friday! 😉

After this short trip, I come back to São Paulo on August 18th and, on the same day, I board on a F*Hits trip to Istanbul and Stockholm. But I’ll save this story for later, ok?

That’s it!

Have a nice week!

Blog do Kadu - TOF 467 - Raphael Steffens


Shades: Ótica Ventura

Sweatshirt: Kenzo

Treasures: Zara

Sneakers: Raphael Steffens (buy here)

Watch: Swatch

Bag: Montblanc

Riviera bracelet: Priya

Cross bracelet: Raphael Falci

Photos: Arthur Vahia 

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