Hi, Buddies.

I’m back to work with an exclusive look that I shot during Milan’s Fashion Week – I didn’t even remember this one… lol

After five days with the family in New York, it’s time to start it all over again… I’m packing for another trip! That’s right, I just got back to Brazil and I am leaving already. My new destination is Stockholm, in Sweden, with a strategic stop in Istanbul, Turkey. Uhuuuulll!

This trip has a very special purpose called Brasil and the Midnight Sun.

It was organized by the visionary/entrepreneur/businesswoman Alice Ferraz, a.k.a F*Hits and Ferraz Moda, a project that will take our national fashion to Sweden. More than twelve Brazilian brands will display on a pop-up store during August, on a project that is promised to open the doors for Brazilian fashion to get in the Swedish market – it will also provide an exchange of values ​​between the two countries when it comes to fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

Some of the brands are: the giant and lovely Riachuelo, Granado, the oldest apothecary in Brazil, Triya, Tigresse, FIT, Carla Amorim, Cecília Prado, Pat Pat’s, Julie Chermann, Dois Elles, Alfreda, Debora Mangabeira, Dudalina. They will be side by side with Swedish brands like Stockholm Market, By Malina, Ida Sjöstedt, Zetterberg and Savas Milano.

The multiband stores Magrella, NK Store and Cartel 011 will also be part of this trip. They are supposed to identify the Swedish talents and bring their best collections to Brazil.

What’s most exciting about it is that will reproduce this pop up store online, so everybody will be able to buy from our stylists through the internet. Isn’t that amazing?

To close the deal with a flourish, Vogue Brasil will shoot an exclusive editorial with pieces from both the national and the Swedish brands. So stay tuned on BK to get all the news about this amazing trip and project.

That’s all!

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Sunglasses: Spektre

Blazer: Gant

Shirt: Gant

Boutonniere: H&M

Scarf: Pucci

Trousers: Topman

Shoes: Gucci

Watch: Cartier

Case: Longchamp

Riviera: Priya

Greek Eye: LeMi

Lether Bracelet: Antonio Bernardo

Photos: Hermano Silva

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