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Mix & Match: mixed prints!

Get used to it: mixing prints is super trendy nowadays and the style is here to stay. Although it is always seen on street style blogs, it is also very feared by most people.

Says Gloria Kalil: “You must take it easy and follow the steps not to transform the mix of prints in a fashion drama. This tip should help you and make it easy when venturing yourself into greater combinations.”

The walkthrough is below, but Gloria adds: “This trend should not get too close to the work environment, it may be too much.”

-An easy combination is to match one or two maxi-prints with tinier versions of the same pattern so you have a zoom-in and zoom-out effect. This rule should work for any pattern – animal print, ethnic, floral, geometric…

– Mixing prints in the same color range is a way to balance the final look

– Black and White patterns are always more elegant and easy to combine

That’s it!

See you next post!

Blog do Kadu - TOF 469 - Estocolmo


Shades: Ray Ban

Shirt: Gant

Blazer: Gant

Denim: Riachuelo

Pocket square: Gant

Watch: IWC Watches

Socks: Happy Socks

Shoes: Gucci

Riviera bracelet: Priya

Leather bracelet: Antonio Bernardo

Greek eye: Vika

Turquoise Bracelet: Mônica Caetano 

Photos: Linus Hallsénius/SnyderNewYork

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