Hi, Buddies,

Have you ever heard of Sky Illusion Sleeping?

This is some great news from Turkish Airlines, BK’s air company and partner. All of the company’s long-haul flights now have this sleeping kit that comes packaged as a traditional Turkish package, a “Bohça-bundle”, used in the country as a sign of hospitality. The kit was developed by the air company and the group Zorlu Textiles. It comes with a quilt that is adjustable to the seat, a duvet with a satin cover, a pillow and an ergonomic cushion that adapts itself to the waist line.

You know what’s even better?

Now every Turkish Airline flight has Wi-Fi onboard. Yeyyy! Fast and secure internet for those traveling on Business Class or any other flight category. As you know, I was in Stockholm, Sweden, recently, for the project Brazil and The Midnight Sun, and that is why I got to know all the good things Turkish Airlines has to offer.


Selo Estocolmo

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