Hi, Buddies,

As you all know, GRU Airport is my second home… lol! That is why I always carry a necessaire with everything I can’t forget to bring to a trip, either a short or a long one – as I am doing weekly, I must say. Some of my tips are very nice and can be very helpful, especially if you’re going on a long trip. So check it out!

1. Yes you can bring a necessaire with you inside the plane, as long as the liquid contents don’t exceed the limit of 100ml. Since shampoos and moisturizers usually come in larger sizes, you should put them in one of those plastic bottles specially made for travelling. They are very easy to find and this will also help you to have some extra room in your necessarie.

2. If you, like me, prefer todispatch your necessaire in the luggage, keep in hand one decongestant nasal spray. The air-conditioning inside the aircraft is very strong and makes our nose very dry inside. As my nose bleeds easily, my doctor prescribed me one of this nasal fluids so I don’t have this type of problem again.

3. The same tip goes for the eyes. Take an eye drop with you and use it to lubricate your eyes whenever you feel the need.

4. Air companies are cutting expenses, so it is no longer common to get a free kit with toothbrush and paste, especially in coach class. You might want to throw them in your hand luggage as well.

5. Hands usually get very dry in long flights as well. I’m not into hand creams very much, but if you like those, you might want to take one with you.

6. If you’re not going to stay at a great 5-star hotel, you must know that hotel soaps are awful. So make sure you bring a very nice one with you in your necessaire.

Below is a list of my essentials:

1. Hair Spray Axe Matte Effect;
2. Moisturizing CADE L’Occitane;
3. Fragrance Z Zegna;
4. Astringent Tonic Granado;
5. Ultra Strong Structuring Fiber Axe Matte Effect;
6. Anti-age Face Moisturizer Caviar Liquid Lift La Praire;
7. Shampoo;
8. Soap;
9. Sunscreen Amore Pacific;
10. Comb;
11. Decongestant Nasal Spray Rinosoro;
12. Shaving Brush;
13. Razor;
14. Dental Floss;
15. Nail Clippers;
16. Nail Files;
17. Deodorant Dove Men Care;
18. Shaving Gel Dove Men Care;
19. Tooth Paste;
20. Tooth Brush;
21. Eye Cream SkinCeuticals;
22. Eye Drops;
23. Vitamin C Airborne;
24. Conditioner.

Ah, the necessaire is Louis Vuitton! 😉

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