Hi, Buddies,

Today I’m going to talk about something delicious… Have you ever heard of Da Má da Lê?

Da Má da Lê is a company that ready to change the old the concept that ready-to-eat food are not tasty. Honestly, when I first got their products at home I thought that they were ‘just another frozen food company’. I was wrong!

Firstly, the Da Má da Lê products are not frozen but chilled and vacuum packed. And do you know what it means? It means that they do everything very carefully and very high quality, starting with the ingredients that are always freshly selected.

I was so curious and passionate about their food that I decided to personally visit their place at Vila Madalena. One of the partners, Maria Regina César, was waiting for me, and so I could witness that behind Da Má da Lê’s business is a very passionate team, under the strict command of Chef Lelena Caesar, Regina’s sister who’s been in the gastronomic industry for a few years now.

Their menu has a few of our favorite dishes here in Brazil, such as rice, beans, meat, salads… But everything has Chef Lelena’s special touch to make it even more tasty and light to eat on a day to day basis. I’m completely hooked!

The highlights are the amazing Classic Combo and Lowcarb Comb (with less than 350kcal/per meal). For those who are always on a diet and can’t miss a single day at the gym, the Lowcarb Combo is a deal. I guarantee I have proved each and every one of them and they are incredible. My favorites are: Tenderloin Roots with Sweet Potato and Rosemary, Tricolore Ground Beef, Chicken Mix and the Mediterranean Salmon.

Now, if you are not on a diet, you MUST prove the Mamma’s Strogonoff, Grandma Cida Baked, Beef Stew in the Divine Sauce, Banana Purée, Grilled Salmon, Tapioca Cream with Mango and the Rustic Chicken Pie. FENOMENAL!

What’s even greater is that you can heat them up in hot water – it is faster and cleaner (I just haven’t tested this method yet… hihihi). Or you can also use the microwave. They deliver everything in your house. Awesome, right!?

Here is the restaurant’s address: Rua Deputado Lacerda Franco, 452 – Vila Madalena. Phone: +55 11 2925-7010.

That’s all!

Watch out for mouthwatering now…

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