Hi, Buddies,

For those who follow BK since the begging, you should remember that on the first TOF’s I always took a picture of the pieces I would wear folded on the floor, making something like mosaic of them to reveal the whole look. Everybody enjoyed those pictures, but they took me a lot of time to produce and, at that time, I also worked at Ray Comunicação, the reason why I stopped showing you guys the looks that way. Well, since now I’m dedicating 100% of my time to BK, I’ll start shooting the pieces like that again. 😉

And since the weather is getting hotter, nothing better than an easy summer look. The ‘frightening’ rafting sandals are constantly in and out of scene. For those who don’t know it, they are some kind of extremely comfortable strips sandals made with rubber soles. You can have the strips any size, any width, going in direction you want, depending on the model – and there is one for every single taste and pocket.

After appearing in profusion in recent European shows, they are a must have for 2015’s Summer. A good way to wear them is by contrasting it with lighter pieces, like I did on the look below. It goes well with shorter pants, shorts, and they are perfect for casual events.

That’s it!



Hair Spray: Axe Matte Effect – Understated Finishing Spray

Hair Paste: Axe Matte Effect – Reworkable Clay

Shades: Italia Independent

Shirt: Riachuelo

Trousers: Tombolini

Bag: Coach NY

Rafting Sandals: Zara

Watch: Cartier

Riviera: Priya

Leather Bracelet: Antonio Bernardo

Turquoise Bracelet: Mônica Caetano 

Kadu Brascelet: Personal Collection

Fotos/Photos: Arthur Vahia

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