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When I was in Milan, in July, during Milan’s Fashion Week, I had the pleasure to get to know a little better the famous Borsalino hats, one of the most traditional brands in the world for this type of accessory. For those who never heard about the brand, here is a little bit of their history:

In 1850, the Italian Giuseppe Borsalino, born in Alexandria, Sicily, in 1834, who used to work on the manufacturing of hats, moved to France, considered the capital of the fashion world back in the day. In 1856, he got the license to produce hats in Italy and went back to Alexandria, where he started working on his first productions. In 1861, he already made an average of 120 hats a day. How cool is that?

Back to the present, for the Outumn/Winter 2015 collection, Borsalino revisited the ‘secret’ that made the brand so popular and respected worldwide: the basics. This collection is focused on elegant lines and divided in three different categories, offering many possibilities. One of the brand’s new purposes is to express the current trends in order to help redefine the contemporary style.

The categories are Q.S Superior Quality, that brings new materials and different ways to produce a hat; Alexandria, that pays even more attention to details that are evident in fashion, without leaving behind the simple lines that make an elegant hat; and Marengo, that incorporates a more capricious attitude and, at the same time, has a casual feel for an informal outfit without, of course, misinterpret the DNA of the brand: elegance.

Because I’m very tall, I’m 1,90 m, I prefer hats with wider brims. I think that the Fedora and Trilby, those with shorter brims, don’t look good on me. By the way, do you know the difference between the Trilby and the Fedora?

They are very similar, they both have a deep channel, the same material and appearance, however, the flaps are different. The Trilby has a shorter one, which makes it more elegant and modern.


Fotos: Hermano Silva

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