Hi, Buddies,

Doing a little thinking and research about what to write for you today, I found this article by Gloria Kalil, one of Brazil fashion icons, published on her website, ‘Chic’.

“The menswear collections for summer 2014, recently showed in Florence and Milan, revealed the same trend both on the runways and out of them: the end of social socks in in formal looks and their use in sportswear. How can it be? Slip on shoes without socks with suits and black formal socks with shorts!

It is impossible to know how far the boys will go with this trend, given the variety and boldness of the creations, but we have seen that many of them have agreed – and even adopted – the non-use of socks every day.

This is some great news for summer and there is a great chance this trend will be a success among the younger and even the classic in casual moments. During the summer here in Brazil, men are risking their weekend looks a little more, wearing their moccasins and docksides. Let’s see if they can go even further, wearing their summer suits and showing off they’re ankles.”

That’s it!



Shades: Dior

Polo Shirt: Comme des Garçons

Shorts: Uniqlo

Bag: Prada

Socks: VR

Shoes: Prada

Watch: Cartier

Riviera: Priya

Leather Bracelet: Antonio Bernardo

Fotos/Photos: Arthur Vahia

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