I remember the exact day I met Cacá, my friend’s Carlos Eduardo de Souza nickname. Of course I already knew him, who is nothing less than the GLOBAL BRAND AMBASSADOR OF VALENTINO. As Bruno Astuto recently put on Vogue Brazil, I met the ‘most international of the Brazilians’ late last year, at a lunch that Lenny Niemeyer offered to Lapo Elkann at her house in Rio de Janeiro.

Friendly, high-spirited and exhilarating, Cacá almost stole the show of the honoree of the day, given to such admiration and affection everybody feels for this guy who, with all his ‘bossa’, helped rebuilt the Valentino brand in the world. And, luckily, he decided to share with us everything his job offered him, like the best and most exclusive places in the world, in a book: #CARLO’S PLACE, published by Assouline. But he obviously wouldn’t do it the regular way – it doesn’t even go with his personality –, so Cacá chose his best INSTAGRAM – @carlossouza1311 – pictures to illustrate his tips of the most incredible places he’s ever been to.

On his 60’s, he says he actually feels like a 16 year-old because of his good genes and the constant practice of sports. But he admits: “I never had a ‘convent’ life, I have always lived on the FAST FORWARD.”

Below, a quick chat for you to learn a little more about Cacá and his book. Enjoy!

BK: What’s your profession?
Cacá: My title is Global Ambassador for Valentino. I have been working at the house brand for 35 years, where I started as a model, then image coordinator, photographer, art director, advertising and public relations.

BK: How long have you been living outside of Brazil?
Cacá: I have been living abroad for over 40 years, but I always come back, several times a year, to see my family and friends in São Paulo and all over Brazil.

BK: When did you have the idea of writing a book?
The book was suggested to me by Martine ASSOULINE after I introduced her to Instagram. She saw my pictures and enjoyed the way I shoot famous sights in a different way. My “I❤️AIRPORTS” was an example.

BK: What led to such fascinating places?
My constant work trips and family vacations have always inspired me. At least once I year I travel somewhere I have never been to, to sharpen the mind and the spirit.

BK: What’s the most incredible place you visited?
There are just so many places that inspire me… I always want to go back and re-experience the deepest emotions. Things change all the time and, when I go back to a place I already know, I often have a completely new and different experience. I always like to go back to Kioto (Japan) and revisit the Moss Garden at Golden Pavillion.

BK: In your opinion, what is more exciting about your book?
There are just so many great tips on the book, that it’s very hard to choose onlu one of them. But I think the AMALFI COAST (Costa Amalfitana) is one of the most fascinating places, especially during the spring in Italy. I’m also fascinated about the Eastern World.

BK: Can we hope for a second edition?
I already have everything in mind for a second book. There are just so many places to visit and so many yet to come. I would love to take some time and get to know Brazil a little better. Write a whole national book with special tips about what I like and what fascinates me, as far as the lush and simplicity.

Let the new editions come!


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