Hi, Buddies,

As you all know, Copa Airlines is a great BK partner!

Recently, I had the pleasure to flight to New York with them again. What a great company, flying to more than 20 countries in America, via Panamá, it’s origin city. That means that every flight departing from Brasil makes a stop there.

Different than other air companies, the connection is very quick and the International Tocumen Airport (PTY) is amazing, filled with stores like Valentino, Burberry, Tommy Hilfiger and dozens of other brands that make your short stay there even better.

Their planes are very modern, with a great entertainment system. Besides that, their staff both inside the airplane and on the ground is excellent. They’re polite, attentive and very helpful.

On your next trip to major destinations in America, check out Copa Airlines and surprise yourself! The company also has a travel website called Guia de Destinos, that helps you plan your whole tripe. Click HERE to check it out!


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