Além de ótima médica, a Dra. Ivana é muito alto astral! Olha ela aí na foto comigo…

Hi, Buddies,

You all know that I am always on a diet, I work out everyday and I try to control myself with sweets and fast-food because I gain weight very easily. You know how it feels, my family is half Italian and half Portuguese.

Well, even tough I’ve reached some great results, I still have some belly fat, specially near the “love handles”, that never go away. And they annoy me sooo much! Lol

It’s been a while since my dear doctor Ivana introduced me to the Liposonix machine, at Clínica Adriana Vilarinho. The device provides high intensity focused ultrasound energy able to break the subcutaneous adipose tissue for noninvasive body contouring”, says dr. Ivana.

Here is the deal, you get there, put on a robe, lay down on a bed and tell them what bothers you. With a pen, they draw some points on your body and start with the ultrasound. It works little little “shots” every other minute. I must say it hurts, specially where there is more fat, bucause the ultrasound energy is really focused on working at the fatty cells under the skin.

The treatment is usually done in an hour and, since it’s non-invasive, you can go straight to work or to the gym, there is no need to rest after that.

The greatest advantage of Liposonix is that it really eliminates all the extra fat and its recommended for people who, exactly like me, have just a little fat to work with. For a better result, you must wait about three months to notice the real chance. But it is a fact that it works and the results are great.

Clinica Adriana Vilarinho
Rua Fidêncio Ramos, 160 – 2º Andar – Vila Olímpia – São Paulo/SP – Brazil – +55 (11) 3550 8222

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