Hi Buddies,

It’s funny how one of our most important senses is capable of taking us to distant places, back in our memory, and bring us recollections. I’m talking about the smell. Who never smelled something that referred to the childhood, a trip, a person… Certain scents have this power.

As you all know, my job has taken me to several places in the world. This year I’ve been to over 20 international destinations, such as London, Tokyo, New York, Stockholm, Las Vegas… And, to me, all of these places have something in common: the smell.

Z Zegna is a fragrance that I always carry with me during these trips, once it was made for men who have an accelerated life and are very urban. Slightly woody, it is impossible to smell its notes and not refer to all the cities I’ve been to these past few months.

I always have a 30ml bottle in my necessaire, so I never forget it. That’s why for every new trip I have, I know that Z Zegna will perpetuate this exciting relation between scents and the memories I carry with me from the places I’ve been to.

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