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Hi, Buddies,

For those who follow me on Instagram, you may know that I’m participating on the F*Hits Secret Santa at I love the festivities atmosphere, with all these parties and gifts exchanging.

Well, my secret friend is awesome! That’s why I went over to her blog to check on her wishlist, so it’s easier for me to choose her gift. As for myself, of course I also created my own wishlist on the website, so whoever got me knows exactly what I would like to get.

I chose 5 incredible products and I want you to help me decide which one is cooler. There you go:

1. Junkbox Crosley;

2. Air Fryer Walita;

3. Adidas Watch;

4. Dock Station;

5. Blu Ray Player 3D.

E aí, o que é mais legal?!


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