Hi, Buddies,

Today my tip is something really easy to wear in the men fashion.

I’m already in Bahia and I cannot wait to start the function of Cabins / Trio / Block into the night! But, during the day, I have other things to do, like lunches, pool party at friend’s house, barbecues, etc.

Because of this, I made and relaxed outfit, but really tidy. As the earthy tones are up, I bet on a shirt with very light fabric and linen bermuda. To finish off the look, necklaces in turquoise blue, slippers and brown sunglasses. After all, no one deserves to go to the pool wearing sneakers, right?

Hope you all have an excellent Carnival!

Hope you enjoy a lot, try to have some wits – a little bit at least – and a lot of Axé! Ah, don’t forget to not drive if you drink and to use condoms! I want all of you alive next week to come back to BK! LOL!

TODAY’S OUTFIT #543 - Moda para Homens


Glasses: Dior

Shirt: Osklen

Necklace: Cielle Design

Bermuda: Zara

Slippers: Havaianas

Watch: Disney

Riviera: Priya

Riviera Onix: Paulo Teixeira Jóias

Bracelet clear stones: Erick Murta Design

Bracelet Búzios: Cielle Design

Sapphires bracelet: Mônica Caetano

Greek Eye Bracelet: LeMi

Lace bracelet: Cruciani

Fotos/Photos: Arthur Vahia

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