Hi, Buddies,

You all know about my deep love for Rio de Janeiro. I visited the city during my whole life and, although I am originally from Minas Gerais, a good part of my Family has been living at the “Wonderful City”. It’s quite a privilege, right?

The city has a phenomenal energy. The beaches, the landscapes, the bodies, the food… All about Rio’s lifestyle is fascinating, not only for us, Brazilians, but to the whole world. That is why Rio is my favorite destination, not only during the summer, but all year long.

Recently, I was invited by Vilebrequin, a French beachwear brand founded in 1971 and known for its vibrant shorts with tropical themes, to show my favorite places in Rio. The brand is French, alright, but it’s soul has a lot to do with our country, both for its colors and the fact that our summer lasts basically the whole year, with about 40 degrees Celsius that inspires us to wear Vilebrequin shorts.

And when I think about Rio, what instantly comes to mind is Ipanema Beach and the Points 9 and 10. Famous worldwide for Tom Jobim’s song, it is a fact that Ipanema is the place I spend most of my time in when I am in Rio. The best restaurants are there, like Gula Gula, Alessandro e Frederico, Esplanada, Riso, Delírio Tropical and the Complex Esquina 111, which is a mix of bar and a cultural gallery.

Well, we started the shorting quite early, around 7am, when the city was still awakening and there wasn’t one single tenta t the beach. The landscape was breathtaking, the lighting was perfect and the Morro Dois Irmãos, on the back, made it all even more fascinating. As hard as it may seem, the water wasn’t so cold at the time and it was easy to accept the ocean’s invitation for a swim. It was quite hard to leave, though.

Speaking of the lighting, have you ever thought that almost everything in Rio evolves around the sun? It is impressive how it moves both the people and the city. That shows the importance the weather has on its habitants and visitors. Who wants to be in Rio in the middle of the rain, right?

The Vilebrequin has three stores in Brazil, two in São Paulo and one in Rio de Janeiro. Oh, you can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram!

Fotos: Jeff Porto

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