Hi, Buddies,

One of the most awaited fashion shows of menswear season, undoubtedly, is the Burberry Prorsum. But, before to talk a little bit about it, one curiosity… Do you know what means the word Prorsum?

The word comes from the Latin and means “Advanced”. Nice, uh? I always asked this to myself. Lol!

The last thing the Burberry staff made before starting the show was closing the velvet curtains of the tent set in Kensington Gardens to give the correct air collection created by Christopher Bailey.

His predilection for coats and accessories characteristic from England – what makes sense! – like rain’s coats and heavy mesh, were prepared under the theme Classical Bohemian inspired by Dandy decline of the late 1960s. The colors are instigating: green, ocher, caramel, purple, charcoal, red, fuchsia and turquoise, as well as the faded floral tapestries and animals prints such as the leopard, resulted in bold and unconventional blends, recovering a little of its history at the beginning of Burberry, Another characteristic of the collection were the finishes and details quite obvious, reflecting the maximalist and opulent feeling of this season.

Ah, one of the highlights of the fashion show was the fringe scarf Burberry Fringe Scarf – the first look, which promises to be the best fashion accessory of the next season. Needless to say, I already want one, right?! Lol…

Enjoy it!

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