Hi, Buddies,

Finally a rainy day in São Paulo! But, in this situation of missing water, we should have rain for the next 30 days without stop! Yes, buddies, the thing is to save water and stock it.

Well, to celebrate the rain, I found an outfit that I photographed in Paris in a rainy day too. But there is one difference… On that day there was 3 degrees, with thermal sensations of -1 degrees. I was freezing! Lol…

I cannot just forget it, right?!

That’s all! Have a nice week!



Glasses: Saint Laurent Paris

Sunglasses: Dior

Windbreaker: Kenzo

Trousers: Kenzo

Bag: Balenciaga

Sneakers: Valentino

Watch: Panerai

Riviera: Priya

Cross Bracelet: Pianegonda

Sapphire bracelet: Mônica Caetano

Riviera Onix: Paulo Teixeira Jóias

Fotos/Photos: Arthur Vahia

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Selo Paris

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