Hi Buddies,

I think I told lots of times how much I like men’s hats. The accessory, which was quite forgotten until some time ago, begins to return with power, especially in countries such as Italy and England, where the tradition of dress well lasts and the sexual orientation is not associated.

Backing to the tupiniquim country, years ago, it was strange to see men without hats daily. Well, today what happens is the opposite. So, if you come on this trend, you need to know that you will be in a highlight, you can be sure of this. And I say this because is how I feel. After to take a few shots with this outfit, I went to a meeting in a mall and everyone stayed looking at me all the time… Lol!

Well, the most popular models we know is Panama, the one made with straw Carludovica palmata plant, and the fedora, made of felt. But there are some other options really cool.

Hats, and other items of clothing, are seasonal. During the winter months you can choose a hat made with heavier materials. During the months of spring and summer, prefer that ones with lighter materials that can help you keep the heat away even with the head covered. Also, make sure to try the hats and choose the one what will look better with your face shape. For example, flat-brimmed hat can make your face look bigger.

Oh, another tip. When choosing the right hat, always consider the comfort. A tight hat can really give headache. Comfort is the key when you are buying a hat.

That’s all!



Hat: Zara

Glasses: Oxydo

Shirt: Dudalina

Bermuda: Kenzo

Sandals: Camper

Bag: Cambridge Satchel

Watch: Cartier

Búzios Bracelet: Cielle Design

Riviera: Priya

Turquoise, Emerald and Green Spinel Bracelets: Mônica Caetano

Fotos/Photos: Arthur Vahia

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